Beijing Yanding Sports Culture Corp.

About Us

Founded in 2007, Beijing Yanding Sports Culture Corp.  plays a pioneering role in the industry, with businesses extended to athletics sports, medical treatment, tactical performance training, education and many other fields.

Following the idea-oriented and technology-led strategy and upholding the spirit of “knowing the method and utilizing its beauty”, Yanding steps up effort to introduce the world’s cutting-edge hardware and top-notch software to China for further development of the industry.

We make great effort to meet the different demands of the whole industry. We strive for the continuum between the upper limit (including athletics sports, tactical performance, etc.) and lower limit (elimination of pain, basic action ability, etc.) of the human body, and hope for a comprehensive improvement from the basic body function to the social function.

Our Philosophy

Our core value is advancing the development of the whole industry, involving athletics sports, rehabilitation, fitness, youth sports education and tactical performance training, with the help of the most advanced hardware and software. We aims to overcome the negative effects arising in industry civilization and information civilization.

Software means education, certification, service, research, operation and data analysis. Demands of Hardware, with sports and medical products included, will be increased by education to the clients and the market. We can build a sound relationship with our clients during their purchase of our hardware, and at the same time, sell our software to them. In client education, to satisfy different demands , new hardware will also be brought in. Therefore, hardware and software are two indispensible factors which are interacted with each other .

Our Methodology

Centered on clients’ demand, we work with the smartest talents and make use of the world’s leading technology, to create a complex between software and hardware ( including technology, art, etc.).

We have established exclusive distribution partnership with PerformBetter, Vertimax, Versa, Climber, DMS, Myotest, Avacore, Corecontrol and Hoggan FET 2,3 series. We are also exclusive agent of FMS, SFMA, DNS, etc.

Sport Performance Training Program

  • 1. Invited domestic experts such as Dr. Chen Fangcan (previously professor of Hongkong PolytechnicUniversity), Pro. Wang Weixing (Professor of Scientific Research Centre of Beijing Sports University), Pro. Zhao Huanbin ( Hebei Normal University) ,Pro. Wang Anli (Director of Sports Rehabilitation Department of Beijing Sports University), Pro. Li Chun lei (Sports Rehabilitation Department of Beijing Sports University) and Mr.Wang Liming(Beijing Sports University) to give lectures on functional training idea all around China.
  • 2. Invited Mr. Juan Carlos Santana to give lectures in Beijing Sports Science Research Institute for three times in Nov 2009, September 2010 and November 2012.
  • 3. Organized AP(Athletes’ Performance)China Training Campaign, helped invite many American coaches to train at National Bureau of Sports, Anhui, Shandong, Shannxi, Shanghai, Hebei, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Yunnan and Sichuan Province. We also helped in AP’s signing contract with Xinjiang Sports Bureau for training to prepare Chinese National Game.
  • 4. Invited Mr. Ken Vick and other coaches from Velocity in the US to give lectures in Guangdong, and Shandong Province. And we also helped Velocity coaches to go to Guangdong Rowing Center, Combat Training Centre and Huangcun Training center to train for preparing Chinese National Games.
  • 5. Assisted COC to hold the 4th Functional Training Summit in China from May 23-25, 2014. We have invited the following experts to give lectures in this Summit.
  • 6. Helped in organizing the Performance Training Summit-- Team Sports Big data and Performance Training in Beijing, China from 2014.10.24-26. We helped invite the following experts to give lectures and functional training in this Summit: Vice President of Human Kinetics and Senior Director Scott Douglas & Michael Embree of NSCA.
  • 7. During 2014, we helped Shanxi Sports Bureau Sports Science Research Institute to design and built their functional training space.

Medical Treatment Program

  • 1. Organized many promotion seminars together with Chinese Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, including SFMA promotion seminars in September, 2013 and April and October, 2014, Prague School to Athletic Development Series in September of 2014, and FMS promotion seminar in January of 2015.
  • 2. Held training courses and salons in many provinces.
  • 3. Our DMS has covered many upper first-class hospitals, middle first-class hospitals, and upper second-class hospitals. For example, Beijing University Hospital, Beijing Hospital, General Hospital of PLA, 301 Hospital, Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, Beijing Rehabilitation Hospital, China Rehabilitation Research Institute Center, Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Beijing Xiehe Hospital, etc.
  • 4. Established MDTC (Musculoskeletal Dysfunctional Treatment Center) in rehabilitation department of hospitals. Independent treatment center, medical team, treatment process and reward system are developed to satisfy the demands of patients, therapists, leaders, directors of department and presidents of hospital. Through high-quality products and series of training courses, physical therapists can improve their treatment capacity. In so doing, patient market is broadened, hospital revenue is increased, department brand is promoted, and social benefits is improved.

Tactical Performance Training Program

  • 1. Established the first functional training zone in demonstration performance training base for the Chinese People's Liberation Army where President Xi Jinpin has visited.
  • 2. Organized two Tactical Performance Training Summit of Chinese Military Academies and Schools, together with “Chinese West Point”, National University of Defense Technology, and helped design and build functional training research laboratory in 2015.
  • 3. Held functional Training Courses in fire detachment of Shanxi. Jinzhong secret squadron was selected out to give a performance show which helped fire detachments in other regions of Shanxin have access to the functional training.

Movement Academy

  • 1. Consists of PC Academuy (Performance Coach Academy), PT Academy (Physical Therapist Academy), Tactical Performance Academy, Fitness Academy and PE Academy.
  • 2. Organized courses, including DNS course (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization), CSMT course (Certified Spinal Manual Therapist), KMI course (Kinesis Myofascial Integration), PRI course (Postural Restoration Institute) , FR Release course (Functional Range Release), FMS course (Functional Movement Screen), SFMA course (Selective Functional Movement Assessment), Prague School to Athletic Development Series, Anatomy Trains Series courses and Functional Dry Needling course.
  • 3. Provided Mentorship and Internship through Case Study. Students can learn and also practice with the guidance of lecturers.
  • 4. Held Case Conference in Xi’an.

Our functional training products


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